Corporate Transparency

In Ragasa we are committed to living our values, which are regulated by the institution’s Code of Ethics.

In order to consolidate the current climate of integrity and promote its permanence, the Transparency Mailbox has been implemented.

The purpose of this mechanism is to provide a communication channel that allows employees, customers, suppliers and the community in general to report anonymously or individually, any situation that goes against the compliance with institutional regulations and / or affecting compliance with The levels of trust and security that our institution requires.

This is how we share, as members of our community, the responsibility to live and watch over Ragasa values.

If you have any comments or complaints about a fact, situation or behavior that is in doubt as to:

  • Failure to comply with internal rules or policies of the Institution
  • Asset theft or abuse
  • Inappropriate use of inside information
  • The existence of irregular economic incentives
  • Use of institutional resources for personal benefit
  • Failure to comply with Procurement procedures
  • Bribe request
  • Bullying
  • Authority abuse
  • Falsify or alter documentation
  • In general, violations of the Code of Ethics

The information received by the complainant will be treated and analyzed in a confidential and professional manner.

Commitment to Ragasa values is part of the being and duty of all members of the community. We are all responsible. We count on you!