In Ragasa, we have great versatility and flexibility in seed processing, allowing us to meet the different needs and requirements of our customers.

From the reception of the raw material and before being sent to the grinding process, a physical and chemical quality assessment is made, anticipating the needs of modification in the processes with the purpose of obtaining a sustained quality in our products.

The milling process starts from the selection of the seed.

The stages of the process mills are:

Before the seeds are processed, they go through the cleaning stage, which consists mainly in separating and removing from the seeds, all foreign matter such as sticks, stones, earth, metal particles, papers and in some cases, another type of seed . In the cleaning step, magnets are used to remove any ferrous material.

At this stage of the process is mainly done to offer soy flour known as “Hi-Pro”, whose minimum protein content is 48%.

The process continues with a broken of the seeds with the purpose to split it and to be able to separate the shell from the almond.

It consists in that the almond free of husk is crossed and conditioned then passed through the rolling mills in such a way that it remains in the form of foil leaving it ready for extraction.

The product of the preparation is contacted with hexane countercurrent.

The solid leftover leaving the extraction is sent to a process of desolventization and drying where in addition to removing the solvent is given a heat treatment where it modulates and controls the specifications and characteristics of the quality of the flour.

Finally, a grinding treatment is applied to the solid product in order to comply with the granulometry of the product and / or the specifications established by the market.

Flour storage is carried out in finished product warehouses.

The storage capacity allows flexibility and availability of the products, while meeting the requirements of the customers without any inconvenience.

The wineries have an infrastructure that allows the rotation, conservation and good management of the products.

Products obtained from soybean seed:

  • Flour.
  • Shell.
  • Lecithin.
  • Crude oil.

Also in the processing of soybean meal we elaborate products of registered trademark, as they are:

High energy ingredient for balanced feed in the pork market.

Ingredient for human consumption with high protein content that, at low cost, allows to cover the nutritional requirements of the growing Mexican population.

Much of the production of the oil extracted in Basic Proteins is sent to Natural Proteins for the refining and manufacture of our brands.